I honor each individual's uniqueness and work by integrating different therapeutic modalities to meet my clients needs and goals. Therapy provides opportunities for growth and insight as well as to help with navigating one's own life path in order to achieve their goals. 


Whether you have been married for 60 years or just starting a new relationship, I work with couples to help them resolve conflicts. I help you improve your communication skills and allow for each partner to feel heard in order to maintain and rebuild a stronger bond.

'Free 15 minute phone consultation'


No two families are the same. For that reason I tailor each one of my family's treatment goals to meet their own specific needs. I work to ensure that each family member is feeling heard in order to create a space for positive change.


I understand that life can be  hectic at times. This is why I offer teletherapy services for those residing in the state of California. Teletherapy is a service where you and I can speak confidentially together through an online video communication platform. Therefor providing flexibility and convenience for you from your own home.

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